the interns’ Saturday Mix #8

Written By Lizzie Arnold on 09/06/2014

Today marks a week until Kanye graces our shores, so we all need something to tide over the time until then. Let us replace your twiddling of thumbs with dance moves, and switch your most played album on iTunes from Ms Taylor Swift to these brand spanking new mixes.

7 days…

Bonobo THUMP Mix: Music to D & M to

It happens to the best of us. 1am hits and you grab the hand of some complete stranger or someone on the “outer echelons” of your friendship group, and brain dump everything you’ve ever felt about love, love or anything. Childhood stories, thoughts on the situation in the Middle-east, your ex, your favourite cheese – you name it, topics will be covered whether you can put together full sentences or not. You don’t want music that disrupts the flow of conversation, but you certainly do not want an awkward silence in the background – god forbid. Bonobo is your man to help you truly open up.


?Z – Trap Quest Mix For Annie Nightingale: Songs to take you sneaker shopping

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse – the choices are endless. But which do you choose, as this could be one of the biggest seasonal decisions of your life!? This trap mix is going to be your street-cred shopping buddy to help you choose a pair of high-tops that will make much more than just a fashion statement – it will a lifestyle statement. Prepare to poke your ALL new cool friends away with a stick.


Deadmau5 – Music to give you RSI (in a good way)

Despite what he says or does away from the decks, Deadmau5 knows what he is doing. This year’s Itunes Festival in London saw the mau5 knock everyone out of the park with his latest gob smacking live performance. No other DJ has the ability to play the same loop over and over and over again, without an inch of boring. Whether its bopping, fist-pumping or hip swinging you are going to be happily sore in the morning after indulging in this mix.


JD Twitch – Bucky Skank 2014 mix: Time to stop and appreciate

Reggae & dancehall – two genres of music we do not give enough time to. We also don’t give enough time to stop, and think about how fricken sweet life is. Whether you are jam-packed with work, uni, kids or life in general, take a second to hit play and recline and look are everything from a different perspective. Relax…..