Nashville trio, LANY, release 'Made in Hollywood'

Written By Bianca on 09/02/2014


Enamoured by LANY's catchy pop beats and dreamy vocals, and also slightly intrigued by the band's enigma, we predicted good things to come from the Nashville trio back in June. Three months down the track and we've been privileged to four releases, the latest being Made in Hollywood. Deviating from their penchant for acronyms (BRB, ILYSB, OMG), this release is once again a melodic journey of warm synths and a steady bassline, topped with heavy American references; the perfect accompaniment to a US road trip on a balmy Summer's day. No update on the identity of these boys but as long as they keep satisfying us with these simmering tunes, we're totally a-OK with their desire to remain incognito.

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