City Spotlight: London, UK

Written By Hannah Wolff on 08/28/2014


City Spotlight is a  feature where the interns go behind a particular city looking to uncover its musical trends and cool hangs.  This week we’re taking a trip to ye olde London Town. 

London is a tricky city to do for City Spotlight. There’s something to say for those cities with well, less creative potential to offer. Slim pickings can be a beautiful thing. As it is, London, much like New York and all those other cities with a back catalogue from here to Mars of songs written about them, has always had an allure about it that encourages the young and foolish to flock there in pursuit of dreams, wilfully turning a blind eye to the impracticality of said dreams. Yes folks, dreams are not worth following unless they’re practical. For many on the London music scene, they’re quickly and unapologetically introduced to the sheer volume of other talented hopefuls. They face the gruff no-bullshit POM-ittude on a daily basis and, before they can say “I’d like to sing the Elton John classic...” as if all of London were an X-Factor stage and all the men and women merely contestants, they’re chewed up and spat out, left to take the long tube ride home to godforsaken Zone 4 with nothing to show for their once-dream except the stark realisation that good is just not good enough and delusion doesn’t count for shit in a city where socks are perpetually wet and ears cold. Call it what it is though-a numbers game. With more and more wannabes trying each and every day, and more and more being turned away, there are, ridiculously, more and more making it. At the moment London is burst with younger-than-I-am talent so here are just a few names and venues making waves in the great British cesspool. 

Click below to explore the various facets of London’s music scene.