What does your song namesake say about you?

Written By Bianca Bosso on 08/11/2014


Who needs horoscopes when you’ve got songs. A simple song has the ability to identify personality traits of a name and sometimes predict the future of that name. While I’ve been disadvantaged by not having a song named after myself, many of you are lucky enough to. Below we’ve dissected songs to find out what songs say about your name. Not happy with what you hear? Don’t hate on us, contact the artist instead.



Al’s a guy you can call on any time of the day. If you call him by his name, he’ll be sure to call you a name* in retort.

*Name may or may not be Betty.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/flightfacilities/you-can-call-me-al-flight[/soundcloud]


Alisa is one to make any grown man cry. She’s loveable and is the archetype of unrequited love.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/modularpeople/cut-copy-alisa[/soundcloud]


A writer, keen music-lover and a voyager, anyone with the name Andy strives for the best and is determined to reach their goals. Taking everything in their stride, Andy don’t change for no one.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/lastdinosaurs/last-dinosaurs-andy[/soundcloud]


Arabella is a fashion trendsetter. Always wearing something daring and unique, from interstellar-gator skin boots to a Barbarella silver swimsuit, she has a knack of twisting men around her little finger. ‘70s stylin’ and easy-on-the-eye, Arabella is a modern lover with lips like the galaxy’s edge. While being every man’s addiction, she is also prone to addictions; with smoking and caffeinated liquids high on her food pyramid.


A man of few words, ol’ Arnie is a fitness nut. He may not have an extensive vocabulary but he certainly has the ability to get you moving with the little words he has. You’ll be inspired to turn up the energy while simultaneously going up, down, up, down, up, down.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/futureclassic/a-luke-millon-arnold?in=futureclassic/sets/luke-million-arnold-sun-splash[/soundcloud]


Oo-oo who-oo-oo, what a gal! You’ll be sure to be saying old Barbs’ name, and not much else, all night long.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/ducksaucenyc/barbra-streisand-original-mix[/soundcloud]


A poor man’s Arthur Baker, Ben is a lying, trash-talking, fat trucker who hasn’t been satisfied in a very, very long time.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/djsmileyadelaide/the-rapture-no-sex-for-ben[/soundcloud]


Bronte is a girl (or pet) who will be your best friend straight off the bat, leaving a path of devastation upon her parting from your life.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/gotye/12-bronte[/soundcloud]


Guys would describe a girl like Caroline as “mighty fine” and, due to her hotty body, this can’t be denied. Her looks don’t get her anywhere though with boys instead opting for girls a bit more “down to Mars”, as opposed to Caroline’s gold-digging tendencies. Always on her high horse, she is never one to take the blame for the lingering stench in the bathroom left in her wake. She’s also the inspiration for Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the word ‘bitch’ (see also “crazy bitch”, “stupid ass bitch”, “old punk ass bitch” & “old dumb ass bitch”).


Chloe is a reckless lover. She can go where she wants to go and say what she wants to say without any permission. She’s also led on easily by boys entice her to go flying and pretty much go where the wind goes.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/atlanticrecords/9-chloe[/soundcloud]


Bring in the clowns. Poor Cyril is a “tender heart” and has had a difficult upbringing but he’s ready to love.


To be honest, Debbie’s a bit of a downer. She has the tendency to be a bit antisocial, is a stretcher of truth and partial to the odd hibernation. She’ll most likely strike your attention due to her blue-toned hair.


Diane is a hard one to figure out. She lives life to the fullest yet not in the safest, most wholesome of ways. She’ll torch cars and run into trouble with the Government but she’s got one thing going for her- she’s always on time.


Dory is slightly forgetful and has more fun in water than on land. She’s known for being endlessly entertaining and most that cross her path end up having a riot.


Despite all the lies that Emma may tell, she’s still very loveable. She also has the tendency to get cold knees.


Ezra’s an instrumentalist.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/flume/ezra-1[/soundcloud]


Hannah is an interesting character who likes to spend her time visiting beaches in the Winter and watching plants grow. She has her own sense of time and can tend to become emotional and uncomfortable when away from home. The New York Times crossword puzzle always proves a frustrating challenge for her.


Helena is a bit of a mess. She parties too hard, makes poor decisions and struggles to even pay her rent. Despite all this, she is strong-willed and will keep moving forward and keep holding on tight.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/fosterthepeoplemusic/helenabeat[/soundcloud]


You can recognise Henrietta for her blood-red nails. And also her immortality.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/secretlycanadian/yeasayer-henrietta[/soundcloud]


Jackson is always after someone’s game. He is tough-skinned, determined to reach the top and these qualities shine through in his rowing prowess.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/vagelisvgls/ou-est-le-swimming-pool[/soundcloud]

If you are a Ms of the same name, however, you’ll bear a daughter whose heart is bound to be broken. Ms Jackson is a tough woman, who will want to rip up and start a custody war with anyone who treats her children badly. She also has a penchant for fish fries and cookouts.


With moves like an old gypsy woman but insistence of her girly youth, Jade is a bit of a mutton dressed as lamb. This doesn’t stop her from being the woman of the hour, though. People in town set their morning alarms purely to catch a glimpse of Jade; her smile radiating its power into people’s hearts.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/liveletters/edward-sharpe-and-the-4[/soundcloud]


If your name is Joan, the people that hate you now will eventually warm to your ways. They may spit on you, they may put you down, but you have a vision and will eventually be the muse to many.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/thomas-huston/arcade-fire-joan-of-arc-2[/soundcloud]


Johnny is someone who’s a keen runner; you’ll see him aiming for first place at every local marathon. He strives to find certainty and looks to his peers to confirm that he isn’t a loner, being prone to tiring of things easily and changing his mind at the drop of a hat.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/toddterje/johnny-and-mary[/soundcloud]


Julia may be an enigma, but eventually people will realise she is the only girl that anybody could ever need.


Jozi’s a pyromaniac.


Laura’s a girl that you used to be friends with but now pretend not to see when passing in the street.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/artsandcraftsmx/girls-laura[/soundcloud]


A girl like Lorelai can be compared to glue, attaching herself to whomever comes close to her.


Possessing kaleidoscope eyes and always with the sun shining in said eyes, Lucy is a gal who tends to keep her head in the clouds. Is she preoccupied? Perhaps she’s just a bit whimsical? Or maybe someone needs to lay off the drugs.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/mitchie-way/lucy-in-the-sky-with-5[/soundcloud]


Not one to easily forgive and forget, Mary is the type of girl that will break a guy’s heart, with an allurement and potency to stay in his mind and make him question what he may have done wrong, over and over again.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/sparkadia/mary[/soundcloud]


Everything that may seem so wrong will seem so right to a guy like Micky. With a shining star status, he can freeze people in time by simply entering a room. I guess he’s also damn fine. So damn fine he’ll blow your mind.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/alsatian-music/when-micky-came-in[/soundcloud]


Odessa is a bit of a delicate gal and needs to be careful that she’s not used as a doormat by those closest to her. She can say how she feels when the time calls for it but when it comes down to it, who knows what she’s gonna say?

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/cityslang/caribou-odessa[/soundcloud]


A girl with the name Ruby is a bit flakey and doesn’t really know the effect this has on the people who count on her. Her peers often suffer from her lack of interest and she takes joy in ignoring others repeatedly calling out her name.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/elizabethsilv/ruby-kaiser-chiefs[/soundcloud]


Once she finally tells you her name, you’ll soon realise that Sarah is a shy type who doesn’t understand the degree of her attractiveness. Boys will form lines to get a chance to speak to her but she won’t see this past her own insecurity.


Stan is a crazy, possessive kinda guy and a keen lyricist who finds solace in his idols. He’s also quite the potty mouth.

[soundcloud width=”700″ height=”200″]https://soundcloud.com/user1787560/eminem-feat-dido-stan-lyrics[/soundcloud]


T.O.N.Y aka. The Other Night, Oh Why? Tony is a man who takes you out, wines and dines you, only to coerce you into bed. The next morning he’s nowhere to be seen. He’s a sly, charming fox but a cunning one at that.

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