10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/21/2014


Soundtrack the weekend with 10 of our favourite songs from the week.

Jessie Ware- Tough Love

Ooh Ms.Ware knows how to tug at the heart with her vocals. She needed to switch it up from Devotion and with the help Benny Blanco, she's taken her voice into the clouds, sounding airy and whimsical.


Billie Black- I Waited For You

This one is the gold gem find of the week. Black has he utmost grace in her delivery of this slinky, down-tempo number. It's a self-assured debut that comes with a conceptually strong video. That chorus is a hidden treat that just grows with every listen.


Broods- Mother and Father

New Zealand duo, Broods, stirred crowds when they supported Ellie Goulding this month and they're further proving on this one that they can please both a mainstream and commercial audience. Mother and Father is a delicious slice of emotional synth-pop.


M.O- Dance on my Own

Girl bands are back in a big way but don't don your sporty spice Adidas, these guys have the swagger of TLC. Dance on my Own is a polished piece of pop with cascading vocal harmonies and sassed-up melody.


Guerre- Tuk

Tuk is the second offering off Guerre’s forthcoming album, Ex Nihilo, and it’s a flittering, neo-tribal exploration that features his whispy vocals running effervescently alongside. According to Guerre, the song is the most pop on the album and it’s him “trying to channel all that Pharrell produced Justin Timberlake stuff”.


D/R/U/G/S- Overcome (Feat. Fe)

Manchester producer, D/R/U/G/S channels the tropical vibe that has been doing the round of late on his latest single, Overcome. It’s from his upcoming self-titled record and features some glorious vocals by Leo Duncan. If Summer was coming, we’d be all over this one, but for now it will have to do as a distant reminder of the summer that was.


Mike Will Made It- Buy The World (Feat. Future, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar)

Miley’s producer is starting to make a name for himself as a soloist but he’s recruited hip-hop royalty on this one. Buy The World is classic Mike Will. It’s laid back, with a big, fat beat that keeps proceedings beefed-up. Future and Kendrick Lamar sound as good as ever while Lil Wayne continues to prove he’s on a sharp decline. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad.


Ryan Hemsworth- Every Square Inch

Created in collaboration with Japanese producer,  Qrion, ‘Every Square Inch’ is like sour skittles bouncing their way down a techno-coloured rainbow. Straight A Hemsworth with its vulnerable highs, bursting over defiantly get-low lows, ‘Every Square Inch,’ has us excited for the release of his October LP, Guilt Trips.


Lil Silva- Mabel

Lil Silva has done a brilliant job as the producer for BANKS, but he's also doing some stunning stuff on his own. Mabel is the first track off his EP of the same name which is due to be released 4 August. It's a deep-base, layered beauty that is likely to aim right for the gut.


Aaron- Strong

It's not everyday you get a polished debut pop song dropped at your feet, but it happened this week. London singer-songwriter, Aaron takes a swipe for the pop crown with this mammoth, synthed-up chorus. Look out Sheezus.


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